Bless her soul…

Sarah and Max relaxing. No, Max still doesn’t like his picture taken!

This morning I found the exotic chick in with Blackie and her two chicks. Apparently sometime during the night the exotic chick and Blackie got into it. Unfortunately, the little exotic wasn’t any match for Blackie who was taking her job as a mother very seriously. Blackie ripped just about every feather out of the exotic’s head. While the little chick lived through most of the day she finally died this afternoon. Anthony came to bury her. I can’t blame Blackie as she was protecting her chicks. I sure wish the little exotic hadn’t tangled with her though. It always breaks my heart when an animal dies no matter what the circumstances.

I know that in farming sometimes animals die; however, I don’t suppose I will ever get used to the whole thing. I still blubber over each and every one of the animals that have died. I am always a basket case. I had an acquaintance that told me I would get used to it, but that was years ago and I still haven’t changed. I’ve known people that can fling an animal on a heap and call it over. I guess perhaps that is their way of coping. I am still very child-like in my approach to having an animal die. There has to be some blessing as they leave. I don’t believe that they don’t have souls. I don’t believe that they are here to serve a purpose for mankind. What a miserable word that is, mankind. What an oxymoron the word is: man kind?

The day passed with little other events. When I did chores this evening all of the animals were quite calm. I think the heat of the day had taken its toll. Tomorrow the temperature is going to be in the mid 80’s. I’ve left the fans on throughout the barns to cool everything down a bit. The humidity is still high and there’s no rain forecasted, not that it has cooled anything down when it has appeared. The grass has dried out enough from the last bit of rain that I suppose it should be cut which means the tire will need a bit of stuff put in it. I have so little to cut, but it is right out where everyone can see it as they pass. It is a good thing that there aren’t a whole lot of regulations about how high the grass is allowed to grow. Certainly there aren’t any noise limitations.

The clearing down the road is continuing. The thumping heart throbbing noises continue. However, now they are on the opposite side which is now being cleared. There will definitely be many new residents once the land is sold. I am absolutely excited anticipating the addition of at least two cars per residence zooming up and down this little country road. It is bad enough that frequently a vehicle sounds like a plane landing out front. At least the new residents won’t boost Clinton taxes as they are in Canaan. Meanwhile the trucks make their way up and down the road with their loads of logs. The machines start at about 7 a.m. and stop about 5 or 6 p.m. It is probably a good thing that they at least have some time off to rest their machines.

And so it goes…

Still not liking having his picture taken!
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