A quiet day…

Today was the last day of the six week intensive writing class. I have about three days off then plans for the fall semester kick in full force. Another few days off and then the adult education meeting will launch their fall semester. Every summer it is the same I don’t know why it should seem any different this year. It is a bit of a relief if only for a few days.

I ran some errands today and stopped at Hometown Veterinary to pick up some very expensive little tubes. Both of the kitties have been itching like crazy and although I haven’t seen any fleas I figured it was better to error on the side of safety. And I wanted to allow both Sarah and Max some comfort. Bonnie and Betsy Ann already have all of their stuff given to them on a monthly basis which includes the flea and heartworm medicine. They are all worth it though.

Otherwise it was a pretty normal day of doing chores twice. It is nice to go out to the goose house to feed the goslings though. They have figured out that when they see me coming their way it is time to go into the house. And one by one they come in making little noises as I put the grain in their new dish. I bought them a big rubber dish that they could all get around to make sure that even Tippy can get some food. Priscilla isn’t the largest one any longer. However, Priscilla is still quite loving though as she will come when I call her. I forgot to take the camera out today, but will snap a few pictures soon as they are really growing.

The Billies are very interested in those other geese. They make a bunch of noise and then do their strutting around with wings spread out. The goslings notice but haven’t been as intrigued as the Billies. I have noticed that the Billies aren’t as nasty as they have been in the past and wonder if the air of anticipation has made them a little friendlier.

The little chicks aren’t so little either. They have given up the cage and are roosting on top of it now. In the morning as soon as I open the loft door they run towards me. It didn’t take them long to figure out that I was the food lady. At two and a half months they have it down pretty well.

Blackie is still in her cage with her two little babies: Jack and Jill. They are growing, too. I don’t suppose she is going to be interested in staying with them much longer. In fact she got out this morning and paraded around before returning to the cage. Jack and Jill haven’t feathered out though so they still need her for warmth. Blackie will just have to sit tight a bit longer.

Last night was so cool that I noticed this morning the ewes are showing signs of being in heat. The ‘boys’ have noticed, too. Thornton and Braxton are at the gate sniffing in the morning as the girls two gates away peer in their direction. No hanky panky as I don’t want any winter babies that’s for sure.

The alpaca girls aren’t exhibiting any signs of pregnancy, but they won’t do much of anything until spring anyway. Beauty and Bonita are a bit friendlier. Bonita always gets very sweet when she’s pregnant. Bella is an unknown as this will be her first. However, she’s always sweet.

The next project is to paint the goose house and finish a few things inside. Then onto the next projects. Always something to do especially now as fall is creeping up and then the days will be numbered until the first frost. Then the first snow will bring winter. The challenges of winter on the farm are always welcome because spring follows.

And so it goes…

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