Tippy, et al

Here are the ‘baby’ goslings. Da girls!

There’s Tippy on the right with the black bill. She has grown so much, but is still behind her peer that is right behind her. Last night she had a dickens of a time getting out of the pool. Tonight when she saw me coming she got out without too much trouble. They certainly have grown more than the chickens.

The chicks are running amok in the loft right now as Ghost T has taken up residency in the big cage to the back. He’s thrilled with the chicks though and wants out so badly. Unfortunately the chicks aren’t old enough to be terrorized by him.

Then there’s Jack and Jill with their mother, Blackie. The little yellow baby chick makes a good deal of noise. I am not sure why it carries on so much. However, Blackie is busy running to the inside of the cage to defend her chicks. I don’t suppose she appreciates being down near them, I may have to move her to another spot.

They sure are little, but they’ll make up for it soon enough.

The day was quiet enough as the temperature in the barns reached 90 degrees, but tonight will cool off significantly as it drops outside. Some of the fans are turned off for the night because it will go down to around the 50’s. This is the first sign of an incoming fall. When we see the day time temperatures hang around 70’s and 50’s at night then it is a matter of time before the next season encroaches. It is welcome though. This is the time for fall to present itself. One of the best times is when the fans and the furnace is off. It is the time between that is so enjoyable.

Some of the trees out back have yellow leaves on them and are undoubtedly falling. The apple trees near the road and lower pasture are falling. The same trees have some yellowed leaves at the top, too. I suppose since some of the foliage has died back it is inevitable that fall is signalling its arrival. The ewes are responding to the change, too. Their little tails wag back and forth as their cycle has presented itself. The rams are somewhat interested because of their inability to get to the ewes.

I’ve transplanted the African violets into new pots and of course broke off a couple of leaves that went into their own pots to reproduce. The ivy has its own new pot to grow into during the winter. It hangs off the new shelves I drove into the space in the kitchen window. I’m considering bringing in a couple of the impatiens as well as the coleus for the winter. I’ll have to figure out where to make some space for them, but anything growing inside during the winter is welcome.

I don’t remember who said that it was a good thing to have flowers for the soul. But I do believe it is a good idea to have growing things inside when there is nothing but white blanketing the ground. My friend began a tradition of buying plants when we had a few bumps when we were in college. At the end of college there were few windows that didn’t have something living in them. Whatever our disappointments it was comforting to have a living, growing thing.

Sometimes disappointments are necessary in life. I suppose that without them there would be little to be thankful for in the scheme of things. In addition, it makes me find other avenues to pursue that may be more fruitful. And when in doubt buy a small plant to nourish.

The sun coming into the loft in the morning through the webs.

Or there’s always McMurray’s catalog to peruse….what’s a few more chickens?

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