Right sex, wrong pew…

A view near Albion of the mountains towards the coast.

The cool nights in the barns are being appreciated. The most apparent sign of contentment is that April doesn’t start screaming as early as usual. I think that all of the animals are more comfortable. I know I am much more comfortable with the warm days in the high 70’s low 80’s and then the nights are in the high 50’s or low 60’s which is great for sleeping. A couple of mornings I actually was able to get into the barns before they knew I was up and about. When I pushed open the alpaca girl’s door there was some excitement as I did my good mornings. All of the ewes were lying down and immediately rose to run out the door. That definitely was a ‘gotcha’ moment. It did my heart good to see that I finally got them before they had a chance to wake the entire town.

I was dancing that morning with the radio and there was a mood of high energy. Of course the ewes are exhibiting their cycle and the rams are noticing. I suppose that a little sexual energy combined with the cool nights tends to get things up a few octaves. Ever since the alpaca boys went visiting they have been eager to figure out a way to get back over to see the girls. I am pretty sure that the girls wouldn’t be thrilled, but the boys haven’t got a clue. Yesterday morning Bo decided that when I opened the gate he’d put the rush on me. He did get into the ewe’s pen and out the door. Then he was all miscabubalated about what to do because the geese house is there, too. So he ran back and forth trying to figure out what to do. Meanwhile the ewes weren’t thrilled with the invasion and began doing their own running in and out. I let everyone have a few minutes then grabbed the alpaca halter to get Bo out of his situation with the ewes, right sex but wrong pew.

I didn’t have to do much to gather Bo back up as the ewes were making him very uncomfortable. The best part was that the alpaca girls were standing in their door watching the whole thing. I think they were getting a kick out of Bo’s miscalculation. Bo went eagerly back in without even being haltered. Bubba and Blue inspected Bo seriously for his adventure. Then it was back to the normal feeding.

On Friday hay was delivered and stacked in the loft. I am enjoying the lack of drama when doing the business of purchasing hay. In addition, I can’t beat the help. I had gone down the road to get some grain and came home to find the loft being filled. It was accomplished with little to do. And I was left with the great smell of fresh hay. I have a feeling that everyone out there enjoys the fresh hay as much as I do. They all seem to know that the food has arrived, consequently there is less anticipation and noise.

Anthony and Michael came yesterday and the cleaning began. Then we moved the fencing around to allow the ganders (boy geese) to be on the fence line with the goslings (little girl geese). The first thing that one of the goslings did was to bite through the fencing at the ganders. We all had a good laugh over that one. The ganders were busy putting on the dog for the goslings with shows of their beautiful wing spans flapping in and out which lifted them a bit off the ground to their surprise. The African Billie held his head completely erect with a honk. In addition, their pools were cleaned, fresh water added that enticed all of the geese. The goslings were diving in and out and then parading a bit, too. It was fun to watch their first meetings.

Later, we got the pulley system installed in the goose house to keep the doors open for right now. And then a platform was created for them to be able to go in and out of the goose house. Michael is working on a drawing that we can use to paint the goose house.

The boys found a mud hole between them and the girls which they both used at one point. But nothing seemed as important as honking and strutting back and forth.

Here are all seven of them at one time in the pool.
And so it goes…
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