Max in quiet repose…

Max in repose.

There was a strange quiet this morning. At first I thought the quiet was because I had beat April with her blatting morning greeting. And so I went about my routine in a state of questioning. Then it occurred to me that the land clearing up the road was not doing its thing. In fact it hadn’t been doing its thing yesterday either. The machinery was quiet. The trees were not crashing down to the ground vibrating the ledge under the house. There was only the regular parade of cars containing the every day people as they tarried off to work.

I thought perhaps they were just late, but then they started early at 6 a.m. every morning for the last month. It seemed ominous that they would alter their schedule as there are still many trees to cut to accomplish. However, who should tempt fate? I finished chores a bit late as I lingered throughout the barns dancing to the oldies, patting the heads/behinds of the ewes, rams, alpacas and moving chickens around from over the fresh laid eggs. No, there wasn’t the usual machine noise up the road.

Things were so calm it was almost unnerving, notice I said almost. I suspected perhaps they were taking a long holiday for the upcoming Labor Day. I thought that perhaps they were finished. Then I decided that I really didn’t care what they were doing because it was quiet. It was so pleasantly quiet I put the whole thing out of my mind entirely.

I went about my regular routine and then in the afternoon Anthony and Michael came to clean. The stupid wheelbarrow now has two flat tires. The ‘fix’ that was done earlier by someone else didn’t work. The filling of the tubes doesn’t work and that was evident as they are as flat as pancakes. So, the one hard rubber tire wheelbarrow was put into service. However, that wheelbarrow is one that is used for the ewes. The rams decided that not only it was a new wheelbarrow, to their way of thinking, but it smelled differently. Therefore, the struggle to keep the wheelbarrow erect made cleaning a bit difficult. I suppose the smell was so overwhelming that the rams were inclined to rub the scent.

The next thing is to purchase either a new wheelbarrow or two of the hard rubber tires. Then we’ll have to figure out how to get them onto the wheelbarrow which shouldn’t be that difficult. After all we figured out how to put new windshield wiper blades on the truck. Actually between the three of us we’ve become very versatile in putting things together.

I reflected a bit later on about the first time that I saw Anthony. He came here several times asking if I needed help. Every time he came I turned him down because I had someone, not particularly adequate, who was doing the cleaning. Then it was clear a change had to be made. I told Anthony to come back and he was here early. He has been here early ever since. Michael came later on and between the two of them there isn’t much that they won’t venture. They have a can do attitude that has been wonderful.

Michael started college today and Anthony is soon to follow. Meanwhile, it is back to algebra when classes start at adult education. Anthony will give me a hand at struggling through first year algebra. And the spring semester will come soon enough to launch Anthony into college life, too.

We fed all of the critters their evening meal and called it quits for the day. Then the quiet was again examined as I walked up the road with them towards the clearing. There were a couple of cars there but the machines were quiet. We wondered if there were men in the woods marking trees to be cut or what exactly they were doing out there. It sure was quiet though.

Later I ventured to town to gather a few things and found that the clearing crew is on another assignment down the road towards town. An ‘aha’ moment occurred as I realized that the reason for the quiet was that they weren’t there but at the other place. However, there are still many pieces of equipment up the road so they are coming back and the humming will start again. The property that they are clearing butts my back stone wall and I’m sure that they have figured out the lines. Meanwhile we will enjoy the quiet.

Max found a spot that needed attention, then went back to sleep because it was so pleasantly quiet.

And so it goes….
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