Some people belong together…

Recently I noticed that some people belong together. I’m not particularly talking about couples, but groups and oddities. There are some people that just belong together. These people feed off each other and keep the cyclical stuff between them going. They seem to find some kind of gratification in their choices. There are the groups specific to a purpose, those that have a common interest, and the rag tags.

The groups that are interested in a purpose seem to be eagerly running amok espousing their causes. They post their causes all over the place. Name a telephone pole that doesn’t have one of their posters and it is one that they missed. I’m not saying that their causes aren’t worthy, but geez give it a rest. There probably aren’t too many people promoting abuse. In addition, I’ve yet to see a poster announcing support of illegal matters. The posters of animals torn to shreds, children beaten, and other equally disturbing subjects makes its point. If the cause is that important then do something about it and stop standing around screaming. I get it and I put my money in causes. I DO something.

On the other hand, there are those people that have a common interest, such as a hobby or vocation. They tend to gather and discuss. I have often wondered if the whole process of sitting around discussing makes them feel as if they are really doing something. There doesn’t seem to be a purpose for gathering except to discuss. Now it should be made clear that the definition of discuss to them might qualify as gossip; however, perhaps I’m not reading them correctly. There may be a good reason to discuss. I’ve watched from a distance to see that sometimes they actually do accomplish something like selling their goods. But at least they are organized, or give that impression. The back biting can be hazardous to one’s health though.

The rag tags aren’t particularly organized. These people bump into a group here or there and put their two cents in and then move to the next group. They tend to espouse a cause or express an interest and then disappear. They are the kind of people that cannot be counted on for anything. They are sometimes here and then sometimes there. It depends on where the wind blows or if it is profitable for them. They will take whatever anyone has available to them; but, they aren’t interested in doing much of anything. They are good friends with everyone though because they never know when they just might need something from someone. In addition, they like to put lots of smiley faces in their email and on Facebook. They hit the ‘like’ button on every entry in social media so they don’t offend anyone. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know the person to which they are responding it’s the ‘like’ that counts. It’s the cute comment and the fake support/concern. Oh yeah, I’d invite them to tea.

In conclusion, some people deserve each other. They need to create an environment of their choosing in order to continue their cyclical self-gratifying existence. Their abilities are to be admired and avoided, it is better to leave them to their own kind. A business associate recently stated it clearly to me, ‘stay away from them’. This is good advice.

And so it goes…

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