The baby chicks born in June are definitely growing up.

It won’t be long that the ‘little’ chicks are ready to go out into the general population. One of them did escape and I found her roosting on the alpaca girl’s gate. I picked her up and returned her to the loft. The others had to inspect her a bit before she was allowed to settle in. Blackie’s two, Jack and Jill, really look small now in comparison to these hens. Ghost T has noticed that these are little hens, too. I wonder if he would be inclined to stay with them and leave Cochin alone? We’ll have to see how this works out.

Meanwhile today not much was accomplished. I did chores a couple of times. Maggie got a good going over. She’s an angel about being groomed and having her feet attended. On the really hot days this summer she got baths that seemed to take forever getting all of her soaped, rinsed and toweled down. Today though she was enjoying a good rub down and attention. The sheep got a peripheral brushing, too. Even the alpacas got a soft brushing out.

There was quiet in the air, too. The cacophony from down the road has moved to another place. I am hopeful that when they return they don’t have to stay too much longer. I do so enjoy the holidays as the parade of constant go-to-work and return-from-work vehicles aren’t particularly missed. However, there was a bit of a parade of vehicles with campers going toward Clinton. I suppose that they are part of the upcoming Lion’s Fair.

Every little town or area seems to have their own idea of what a fair is supposed to be. The interesting thing is that most are pretty inclusive in composition. The open farm days down the road sounded much like the competition in the upcoming town fair. However, I suppose all of them have a slight difference to make themselves distinguishing.

The strange part is that it is the same population that attend these fairs. Tractor, horse pulls, midways, pies, vegetables, animals on display are all about the same fare. The difference is who is doing the collection of monies I suppose. However, they all benefit from the same participants. Their monies gravitate from one pocket to another and back again all in the name of entertainment. It certainly is an interesting concept.

I wouldn’t want to be a parent that had to tell children that they couldn’t go to all of these events. Their money would only stretch so far. But maybe the children aren’t aware that in the next town there is another fair. Of course there is the state fair which I suppose is the grand event above and beyond the smaller community fairs. However, it is another money making event, too. One hand goes in a pocket to deposit their earnings into another pocket in the same area. It would be different if the monies were coming from an outside source to infuse the local economy.

The participants can look forward to being judged for their particular expertise and take home some ribbons. Alpaca, sheep, horse, rabbit, chicken all are judged for their specialties in order to achieve a ribbon. I wonder how many ribbons are equal to something substantial? Or perhaps a ribbon can be redeemed for something of value after say 50 are collected like a game at the local grocery store or McDonald’s. A drawer or wall full of ribbons would excite me enough to compete year after year in hopes of winning the big prize.

I can hear Ethel telling Mildred on the party line how Betty cheated in the pie competition. Ethel got a yellow ribbon this year. Mildred didn’t get a ribbon. However, Betty got the red ribbon with a gold edge around the top #1. Well, there’s always next year!

And so it goes….
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