An odoriferous visitor…

As the day started in fog and was in the midst of burning off I made my way down my country road and found the sun penetrating the layers that shined into the trees.

However, it had started much earlier of course with the critters in the barn who wanted attention. Beauty was especially herself this morning with an attitude. Although she did allow a minute for a hug and kiss.

The girls were busy roaming around this morning at feeding time for a little while before settling down to eat. I think it had something to do with the late night visitor.

In addition, the girls let me know that there was still something that didn’t smell exactly right in the barns and they were right.

I had noticed that while I have been writing late at night there came an odoriferous smell into the house. At first, without even looking about, I accused the girls, Bonnie and Betsy Ann of ‘leaking’ a bit and then proceeded to put things on pause while I gathered them up for their nightly constitution. Of course what I found was that they girls were not discharging anything that could compare to the fresh air of outside. For once outside the smell permeated the area with the help of low lying fog. There was no denying that I had had a visitor of the skunk persuasion. This isn’t particularly anything new in the spring around here as a female skunk has used the area below the loft to have her babies. She doesn’t always give me any indication she’s here; however, she has on occasion paraded her offspring as she leaves to cross the road into the woods. The babies are darling as she has had several years of them under the loft. Although this spring she did not appear. I am afraid that she either found a more suitable situation or met her demise.

So, who was the new occupant of the space under the loft and what were they doing here this late in the season? I have no idea. But their existence is well known. It is my guess that because of the land clearing up the road the inhabitants of that area are now scampering to find a new domicile for the upcoming winter. I am not offended that a skunk would find living under the loft promising, but I fear that my alpaca girls may not appreciate the cologne.

Later as the chores were done and I sprinted into the loft to make sure that the little chicks were fed I thought I’d get an updated photograph of Jack and Jill. They are still growing at their chicken rate and are quite cute. Mother Blackie is in the background and further back is Ghost T who is admiring all of the ladies.
They are feathering out quite nicely. This little yellowish one I have a feeling is the Jack of the two. It appears to be fearless of most everything and has repeatedly tried climbing up on Blackie’s back. Although, perhaps it is in need of a higher look at things.

The day became increasingly warmer and by the time I had done a small bit of shopping the sun was blazing down. One shopper leaving at the same time I did turned to me to announce that it was going to be one of those miserable hot summer days. I guess we had better count these days because before long they will be gone and the populace will be complaining about the cold, snow, and wind.

Later as I lunched with my friend the heat outside was apparent as people were moving slower. And by the time we headed out with the windows of her car all of the way down to enjoy a stiff breeze we commented that the naysayers had nothing to worry about because it isn’t winter yet.

But as I rode up and down the mountainsides on the way home there were signs that it is time to get ready. This hay field reminded me that those round bales will be welcome food for the winter. In addition, the roadsides are now dried bits of grasses, brittle and gray. No longer are the grasses as green as this field because they have been left by the side of the roads to naturally wither away.

And so it goes…
Copyright © 2011


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