Kittens rule…

When cat owners state that their felines run the household they aren’t kidding. While Max and Sarah are only a year a few months old they have taken over everything. There are many changes in what used to be a quiet, peaceful existence for Bonnie and Betsy Ann who inhabited the small domicile I call home. Since Bonnie and Betsy Ann had first dibs on the bed the kittens have tried to move in on them on more than one occasion to be rebuffed; however, they sincerely keep trying to figure out a way to maneuver both of the dogs off the bed. But, in the early morning there are different games played out.

Recently Max has devised a new trick. I suppose I am to blame for the advent of the game because I purchased some fake mice for the kittens. At first they were content to carry them around in their mouths, tossing them into the air and fussing over which mouse with which to play. Then the mice became obstacles on the floor. Consequently, in the early morning hours it has been a thrill to find a wet something under my bare feet as I trek to the bathroom. Or on some instances the mouse appears in the strangest places. Therefore, other games were born out of an effort to make it clear that the kittens rule.

Here is the deadly ‘mousa’ and a partial of Max, who though wanted the mousa but did not want his picture taken.

The game begins approximately 4 a.m. when the kittens are bored to tears with nothing to do. They have eaten some food from their dishes, but then find themselves without a purpose. However, there she is in bed sleeping with those dogs. The idea of tossing a mousa to each other and running after the thing has worn off significantly. I’ve watched these antics as they come to the conclusion that there is nothing to do but to figure out a way to get the old woman out of the bed. And she will get out of bed if she is annoyed enough.

This is when Sarah usually decides that there are way too many things on the table. She begins with the smallest things first as she bats them around on the table. Then with her winning skill the items will fall off and onto the floor. I usually raise my head to see what has made it to the floor. If it is something that I am sure they will not continue to bat into oblivion then I return to my previous position of resuming a sleep-like state. But if the item is one which I know she can make disappear I will have to get out of bed to retrieve it and find a sufficient hiding place. Or in some instances I note to myself a place for the item where I won’t forget it. Of course the idea is well conceived, but rarely do I find the thing again as it is hidden so well.

The game initiated by Sarah usually comes to a close when the old woman makes a sound that requires retreat. Or she has taken up the fly swatter and is seeking the behinds of two kittens this usually will close the current event of batting things off the table. In addition, there are a limited number of things to bat off the table without achieving real problems from the old woman.

So the plan was hatched by Max. It really is an exquisite idea, too. First, the mousa is found, batted around a bit to make sure it is ‘dead’. Then, it is carried by mouth over to the bed and deposited by the old sleeping woman. Next, because the old sleeping woman does not immediately rise to the occasion a bit of patting ensues. At first the patting is delicate and without extended claws. However, if the old sleeping woman doesn’t respond the next step is taken immediately. After all it is important to begin the process.

Aha, the old sleeping woman responds to the extended claws and begins to search for the mousa seeking relief from the annoying kitten. The mousa is found, retrieved from its deposited spot and thrown in the opposite direction. Max immediately scurries off in the direction of the landed mousa and begins to bat it about a bit. However, this activity does not yield the desired result of the old sleeping woman getting out of bed. So, he picks up the mousa in his mouth and again approaches to deposit it. This repetitive game is of a short duration. The mousa sometimes slips and is on the floor by the bed; therefore, the old sleeping woman cannot find and retrieve it. As a result, the old sleeping woman, after a couple of these exercises, does become loud in her responses.

Eventually, the game is considered over. The mousa has been placed in a box or thrown across the room with deliberate force. And the desired outcome has been achieved. The old sleeping woman is now sitting on the side of the bed with the light on and both kittens have disappeared.
And so it goes…
Copyright © 2011


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