There goes the weekend…

Blue being inquisitive about the camera, that is until it flashed!

The weekend is quickly passing away as Monday is approaching. The back-to-work people are home contemplating their morning race to the job. Other people are repenting the great times accorded during the two day reprieve away from the day-to-day work schedule. Then there are people like me that really aren’t interested in exactly what day it is because I’m not packing up to run the gauntlet. However, before the lynch mob shows up at my door I still have deadlines. And today I wrote a list of what must be done before the really cold weather shows up. I know snicker about the list making, but I really do scratch things off if I can find it from time to time.

So it was with the listing today that I began with the most important things first. I actually took the pipe from the furnace and placed it in the back of the truck. Therefore, it is ready to go tomorrow to the place where there are new ones. I am hopeful that this is going to work out well. I called the place and a nice man answered the phone, then he actually told me how to get to the place and that if I bring the old one he’ll match it. Consequently, tomorrow that is the first thing on the list to accomplish. I have to purchase some more light bulbs, too. Then there’s the trip back to the cellar to install the pipes, light bulbs and a new heat tape. I decided that although the light is still on the heat tape it would be my luck to have the thing quit this winter. It is a better idea to put another one on and be sure that it will be fine all winter.

I even went through the trouble of grouping the things on the list. I made three major groups of things that must be done before winter. This list is a must and not one of those that can disappear. I am going to even write the things on the white board. Once on the white board there’s no escaping the list of things to be accomplished. I have to look at the damn white board. The thing is too big to ignore and I can’t lose it either. I could erase the thing, but then the list wouldn’t be done. Then I’d be worried about what I had written on there and whether or not the items were really important. I guess it is a no win situation, keep the list, get it done and stop complaining.

This morning was as brisk as yesterday. The temperature was a soaring 38 degrees on the porch. Tonight the forecasters are calling for a frost in Canaan. I’m on the line, so anything is possible. I suppose it is about time for a frost or two. I’m just not entirely ready, but I will be eventually. But today I took to the road and went seeking some fresh vegetables at Sam’s in Albion. The girls, Bonnie and Betsy Ann went with me because Sam has the best vanilla ice cream. I bought corn, a butternut squash, tomatoes, and apples. Of course I had to have some ice cream, too. He has all of the flavors and I try a new one each time I am there.

Then with the sun shining, cool air breezing through the car I drove back to Clinton. The mountains were so spectacular against the blue sky today. They appear so much darker than the sky and then when a cloud bank appeared it looked like mountains on top of mountains. It was a beautiful day. I stopped at a farmer’s stand that I know in Benton and got more corn and another pumpkin. I put them out front by the flowing wheelbarrow.


I can see that this view really accentuates the house peeling where the drunk hit it. I suppose eventually all of the paint will come tumbling off. Unfortunately, this isn’t on the lists for now. There’s too many other pressing issues, like heat, that has to be addressed first. Then there’s the roof over the alpaca girls, painting the goose house, and of course new tags for the car and truck. And that’s the first list. I didn’t want to think beyond the first list but then I figured I had better get a little organized. I have to remember that winter is after autumn. Although it is hard to focus when the petunias are still blooming.

And so it goes…

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