Carbon monoxide poisoning?

First frost has appeared.

I realized as this first frost appeared that I had better get moving on my list. Since I took the pipe off the furnace and put it into the back of the truck it seemed that the next step needed to be taken. So finally without any further adieu I took the thing to a fabricator to make a new one. It seems that the duct tape on the pipe was something of a discussion matter. I knew the thing smelled a bit, but it was the end of the season and with this old house I didn’t fear carbon moxoxide poisoning. In addition, it probably is a very good thing that the breeze blows through the house because the bottom of the pipe was considerably worse than the top.

Consequently, the new pipe is already done and ready for pick up. I am a little disappointed about the past remarks from a couple of people concerning the pipe though. One person remarked that it would cost between $200 and $400 to get the pipe replaced. Thus, I did drag my feet just because of the amount of money involved. Of course I suppose that if I had gone to one of the plumbing and heating supply houses around here it would have been considerably more money. Moreover, I have learned being a single, old female is a determent. The one supply house practically refused to give me a part because I was female. While the other supply house demanded that the part to pull the well had to be given to a man or at least I had to leave a man’s name at the desk. Subsequently, I was not looking forward to doing business with them at all. However, the fabricator made a new pipe even with the little flapping door section without any where near the amount of hassle or money. And the best part is that not only did it not cost an arm and a leg but once I have it and make the trip to the cellar that much is finished and off my list.

Yes indeed the list is decreasing. Not only did I drop off the pipe to be done but I continued on to the stores to gather up items on the list. I bought paint, brushes, heat tape, light bulbs and sundry items. I was on a roll. Now up to this point I was really rocking and then I was asked ever so politely: ‘how old are you?’. Although I had no idea what my age had to do with the purchases in the basket I did reply by stating my birth date. Then I had to ask why she had to know when I was born. Perhaps there was a grand prize and I was the recipient? Of course that wasn’t the case I never win anything. There weren’t any balloons floating down and no one else appeared so I figured it wasn’t a prize winning event. Apparently I am behind the times because I bought cans of spray paint and that sounded an alarm. I had forgotten, or did not care to note, that spray paint is an aerosol that the younger population sniff to get high. I state unequivocally that I had no intentions of sniffing the cans in fact I was going to use them to paint a decoration on the goose house. I’m sure that response was a different one from others she had heard. Who paints a goose house? Actually what the hell is a goose house?

A very short explanation about the goose house satisfied the checkout clerk and I was again on my way. Once home the unloading process began and was accomplished. There is a pile of assorted items that will go to the cellar for the winter preparation. The last item is to pick up the pipe tomorrow and then it is off to the cellar. Next, replacing the burned out heat lamp over the pump, putting in new light bulbs, removing and installing a new heat tape and lastly the pipe back to the furnace will accomplish the cellar activities, I hope, for another year.

I felt considerably well about the accomplishments as I went about doing chores this morning. Two thirds of the list is finished with only one third remaining. I know there are several more things that will need to be done before winter, but at least I’m on the way. I mentioned to Anthony that we have to find the roll of plastic for the windows. In addition, the storm windows need to be put in the goose house, and fencing rearranged for the geese as I plan to put them together this weekend. Then I have to make a decision about one of the barn roofs and act upon it. New lists will have to be written; however, for right now this list looks pretty good with some things crossed off.

Meanwhile, as far as the animals are concerned things are pretty much the same. Their schedule is well defined by whether or not it is time to eat. In short, they are content as long as the old gray haired woman shows up on time.

                                                                      Cochin and some of his girls.


Cochin and Fluffy Butt together.

As close as I’m going to get to a fall display.

And so it goes…


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