Burning it up and cooling down…

This is the roof line of Maggie’s barn as the sun is burning off the second frost. In addition, it appeared that the ground was smoking a bit.

It definitely was a bit chilly this morning as the temperature on the porch read a cool 35. However, the day has progressed as a beautiful blue-blue sky that has warmed up to a bit over 60 degrees. Last night at final check the alpacas were outside lolling around in the cool air while the ewes, rams, chickens, and geese had hunkered down. Maggie was strolling in and out, too. Of course once they saw me there was the familiar battle cry for food that I promptly explained was out of the question.

While the weather is indicative of the upcoming change I’ve welcomed the disappearance of flying, biting and annoying bugs. The flies that have been accustomed to living inside the goose house annoying me when I go in to feed the goslings are now hanging on the walls in a rather stuck fashion. I suppose that the cold is a signal for them, too. I will not miss them buzzing, landing and biting me. One of the goslings has made it a practice to bite at the flies. I’m not sure how many she actually got to eat, but it was interesting to watch.

The progress to finish winter arrangements for the cellar are underway as I picked up the grand new piping for the furnace. It is splendid. At this point it is still in the back of the truck; however, it will make its journey to be installed shortly. All of the other parts for the cellar have been gathered. Recently I was informed that some people actually have their heat on all ready. Personally I don’t think it is cold enough at night to turn on the furnace even if I had the piping replaced. I was actually throwing off the blanket last night because the cool air felt good. This weather is great for sleeping. The kittens didn’t get up as early this morning either. I was pleasantly surprised that Max was not into his mousa game. Later, after chores, I took a picture of Sarah posing on the chair.

Then I was fortunate enough to find Max. I called him and he looked up for a photograph with his eyes open. I’ll probably never get that lucky again as he’s not thrilled with the camera.

The shuffle for positions took precedence over the morning activities as Sarah acquired the new scratching bed for herself. Meanwhile Max has gone into hiding fearing another photograph I’m sure.

Butternut squash is in the oven baking while I review student’s papers. The bills are paid, for the time being, and the afternoon advances quietly. Mr. Penney is coming today to do Maggie’s feet and then the day will proceed to evening chores. There’s still plenty to do after chores, but the pace is mine to set.

And so it goes…
Copyright © 2011


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