Off to the coast, Moxie, and tranquility…

A path to the water at Fort Knox State Park, Stockton Springs, Maine.


After an exciting evening I woke this morning with new vim and vigor. I decided to take the day off as it were and drive down to Belfast. I love the Reny’s Store in Belfast because it is bright with wide aisles and of course there is always a great selection of stuff that I probably don’t need. However, I always find something that I just have to purchase. Consequently, I did buy some things I needed but also purchased a wind chime that is made of little metal water pots and buckets all of different colors. It is hanging on the porch and makes a great sound. I’ll have to take a picture of it later on as it is very different. I noticed it before but figured I had better not spend the money. However, today there were only two left and one was certainly marked ‘mine’.


Then I decided to head up Route One to see what I could see. There are so many things along the road because this is the main tourist route it is difficult to keep from running off the road. But I did slow down as the speed limit isn’t 55 mph there so I could see plenty. I stopped here and there snooping around to see what kinds of things people were selling. There are two pottery shops that tended to call my name loudly into their lairs. I was pretty good about purchasing anything though as they have some pretty high prices for the tourists.


There was a long line of the big recreational vehicles. Some of the tourist’s vehicles are large enough to house a family of 8 or 10. In addition, they always have a car that they are dragging as well as some motorcycles for when they are parked somewhere. The out of state plates were too numerous to bother to notice. It suffices that they are tourists and still here to clog the roadways.


I found myself in Stockton Springs where I bought gas, got a crab meat sandwich, Moxie, and a candy bar for dessert. Then I followed the signs to the state park where I ate my lunch at a picnic table in the  woods with a view of the water. Since it was what I call a blue-blue day both the sky and water were absolutely beautiful to admire. The air smelled of pine. And the breeze was just right, not too cold or too warm. I practiced deep breathing while I enjoyed the views around me. Unfortunately, the spot that I had picked began to be inundated with people wandering up and down the paths, talking on their cell phones and listening to their music. I departed as the quietude was broken.


As I drove back toward Belfast I slowed down and annoyed the locals as I took some photographs of the scenery. I suppose that they wondered since I have Maine plates why I was causing such a slow down. As a result, I pulled off the road at one point to allow the parade to pass as I waited for a clear shot. It shouldn’t have been such a big deal, but a couple blew their horns as they had to angle their vehicles ever so little away from the side of the road.


As the afternoon ticked away I realized it was time to abandon my luxurious wandering and make for home. It was still quite beautiful even though the sun was beginning to longingly linger toward the gloaming. And I arrived home in time to hear April begin her conversation with the other ewes remarking about dinner. I brought in my goods from Reny’s, walked the girls, changed clothes and entered the barns to the welcoming calls of the hungry critters. I’m not sure that they missed me at all during the day; however, since they heard me return it meant that it was definitely time to eat.

The radio was turned up, hay, grain and water were dispensed and the noises quieted. Then as I sat on the chicken’s food can I found myself pleasantly content. Though the day was busy, I was relaxed and nurtured by the knowledge that the coast is still there.




And so it goes…



Copyright © 2011


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