What is like, comment or share?

My little luxury that I bought yesterday.

I’ve been reading through the admissions on Facebook and find that it is amazing the number of different posts. And I don’t have hundreds of ‘friends’ either so where do these submissions come from? I cannot imagine the people that have hundreds or thousands of ‘friends’ that they do not personally know who have access to posting on their news feed. I suppose someone out there in cyber land creates these things with the hope that they will be passed around and around. It depends on the person’s viewpoint as to what exactly their particular bend is when it comes to selection. There are the daily notifications of one’s life, the silly and frivolous as well as the extremely serious in nature that tend to be more prevalent. However, I find that when I am clicking ‘like’ I am not sure whether I am in agreement or not.

Recently an article concerning the ‘like’ button was fully discussed on the news. Who knew this was news? I hadn’t considered whether or not the ‘like’ button was pushed had any real merit. But there it was on the major news as something worth considering. I suppose in the world of ‘likes’ it is important. The main thrust of the article was that Facebook officials were deleting the fake ‘likes’ of those that ran up the numbers of some pages and not others. I fail to see why it is of any real consideration, but someone who has more likes than another person is probably running amok spewing that their page is better than others. It reminds me of a little child screaming that they are liked more than someone else with a tally sheet of numbers in their hand. Of course the ‘share’ and ‘comment’ are worthy of the same coverage, or at least they should be equally considered.

Sometimes the things on Facebook are so damned beautiful that it seems they should be shared all over the world. However, other times I have to wonder why anyone would send the posting out even once. Moreover, is it important to share everything or be more selective about the ‘share’ button? I wonder if anyone has considered a study on what is going on in someone’s mind when they decide to ‘share’ or not. Probably someone somewhere will ask for the detailed numbers, if they exist, to begin such a study. And then this study will become a major news event as the ‘like’ situation. On the other hand, the comment button may be the most noteworthy.

Is it possible to comment on everything posted on Facebook? In addition, is it really that interesting to other people? I specifically like the ones where there is a continued discourse. Everyone has an opinion, I’ve heard they are like noses or another part of the anatomy. Therefore, I suppose the comment section is worth making opinions known or voicing a response to another posting. The ones that are miles long are usually not worth reading. In fact it is impossible to open up the comment section that lists hundreds of responses. Likewise, is it important to read all of these comments?

In conclusion, is this social media really necessary? I suppose it is too much to ask that people communicate by writing each other a letter or picking up their phone to speak directly. Of course that is another whole matter because people are unable to use pens or pencils any longer. Further, the act of writing isn’t important in order to communicate. And when it comes to phones everyone has one that does everything for them and provides an instantaneous connect. All of this begs the question that if people are so well connected with the availability of communications resources why are they still not able to get along? And does the ‘like’ button really need to be an option?
And so it goes…

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