A Dog Named Dexter…addendum…

The colors of the foliage as it seemed to change over night.

Change is definitely upon us now as the leaves turned quickly into an autumnal landscape. It was amazing to see that some of them happened so rapidly. The nights are cool to cold; however, this morning I was in a tee shirt as I cleaned Maggie’s over night addition to her living quarters. I started out in layers that soon were deposited throughout the barn. The humidity is high and with movement I was a mass of heat. Consequently, by the time I had cleaned out Maggie’s generous pooping my back felt good from being worked and the tee shirt was just enough clothing.

I sneaked in a photograph of Maggie yesterday as she was snooping on the neighbors. While she still has some sheen her winter coat is growing. In the mornings when I groom her there isn’t as much hair in the comb. However, she’s still doing her famous rolling around. I suppose it feels good after being groomed to get back to her original dirt laden self. She’s in good shape to go into the winter months though, feet and all are in excellent condition. I have to mend her winter coat a bit here and there though. I’ll put mending on the list.

The first weekend in October will bring herd health for the alpacas, Maggie and fall check ups. Since a rabid dog has been reported in Albion, Maine it is imperative to call on Monday morning to schedule rabies shots for the critters. Then there is the paperwork to update all of the 3 ring binders with documents. In addition, the new Savvy 2013 calendar has arrived and will need to be filled with information. The year’s end will be here soon enough.

Moreover, the new weekly schedule will allow me more time to contemplate the changes for the upcoming year. Since the alpaca girls are bred there will be some adjustments to make inside and with a new addition. And then there’s the time that’s so precious these last few months before the winter takes over. I have noticed that people talk about time all of the time. They usually don’t have enough time, or time passes quickly and it is about time.

I don’t suppose I ever thought much about time while I was busy attending college, caring for my sons, and working. Later, after college I found that there was so much more time than I had experienced before. I yearned for my old schedule. I suppose that it was comfortable to have such a rigid time management schedule. Then just like that I was graduated and it was over. I remember thinking that I didn’t have enough to do. I wanted to study, write papers, listen to lectures. I wept over the lack of mental stimulation of an academic lifestyle. Sure there was more time, but what to do with it?

So I worked and worked. There’s something about working that makes a person tired. It isn’t that it was physical work or very mentally exhausting at the jobs I worked. It was the idea of being upright and moving to accomplish something. It was about producing. I think the first time that I realized work was the advent of producing something that could be observed or counted I fell into a funk. For example, the whole process seemed like the little hamster in her cage that we had as a pet. She slept during the day and then ran all night in her wheel. The unfortunate thing was that she didn’t get anywhere in that wheel. She could have traveled thousands of miles, but she didn’t produce anything either and neither did I. Granted, I did received a paycheck for my time; however, it took away my time for little compensation.

Then after my sons left home and I realized there was more time. Time had been passing without notice. There was still work, but the reason for doing it changed. I didn’t work for purpose any longer. Consequently, time mattered more than the compensation. I didn’t particularly suffer the empty nest syndrome because I expected my sons to join the world as productive human beings. I taught them that work was necessary. In addition, the fact that they were males they weren’t going to be able to run out and get married to have a husband take care of them. They were going to be out there paying their way. Of course as they had grown they required less and less attention from me anyway. So there was more time to schedule to do something.

And now it is about time. It is all about time. Without making a life plan that included extended travel, moving to Florida, or settling for someone else’s dreams I have found a new schedule. I have found that it is not particularly necessary to manage time. Time happens to leave whether I am paying any attention or not. In addition, I can do with it as I please. If I choose to fill it with things to do then it is up to me because I don’t have to follow it. I can cancel, remove, or change the schedule at any time. After all, it is all about time.

The sun, what there was of it, as it tried to pry through the rain clouds.
And so it goes….

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