A very productive day…

Here’s one of the new feeders that Anthony and Michael built for the critters. These are the ewes, who have decided that only four at a time can get their behinds to the feeder. They aren’t sure about breakfast and dinner either because it is in that ‘thing’. Subsequently,this will cut down on the amount of wasted hay for sure.

It didn’t take Bubba any time at all to figure out how to get dinner or breakfast. He just dug right into the feeder. However, Bo and Blue weren’t as excited about the thing. Later, I did see them right up beside Bubba.

Yesterday was an amazing day. The list seemed long; however, it was pretty well finished by the time I decided I hadn’t eaten lunch and it was time for dinner. So with all of the critters fed with their new feeders we called it quits and went for our own dinner. Anthony and Michael did quite a job of making short work of the list.

I had started out in the morning by contacting the lawnmower service about taking the John Deere for winterizing. Then when that was done, I secured a place for my little Geo for the winter, too. The alpacas received their dewormer. And then it was Maggie’s turn. She was not happy with the paste; but she did swallow it and then decided it wasn’t as bad as she thought initially. Maggie has a good temperament when it is something that she wants. Consequently, dinner being served after that miserable tasting paste wasn’t terrible. In addition, she got an apple, and a couple of her favorite hard candies.

I’ve been keeping Maggie’s and the alpaca boy’s areas as clean as possible. I’m not sure what happened but the alpaca boys have decided to do their pooping inside. They have always gone outside, but then there was a situation with the door where they got it off the hinges. Once the hinges were fixed I thought they’d go back outside; however, they have other thoughts. It isn’t a big deal to keep clean, but I’m not sure why they have made this choice.

The ‘baby’ chicks were run out of the loft. Literally Anthony and Michael had to pick them up one by one and shove them out of the loft. I don’t understand why they were so resistant because every time the door to the alpaca girl’s area was open they tried to get out. Then when the door was open they had other ideas. It doesn’t matter as they are now outside with Ghost T. That’s another matter for discussion.

Since the little chickens are now out in the general population I’ve let Blackie and her two babies out of the larger cage. They are running amok in the loft for the first time by themselves. And Speckle’s sister didn’t look so well yesterday as she sat in the sun and didn’t walk around much. Therefore, she is back in her cage, although the top is not secured, with a heat lamp. When I checked on her late last night she was tucked under the lamp, so even though her foot has healed she appears to still be under the weather.

Later in the day, Anthony and Michael helped unload 65 bales of hay stacking it just right in the loft. There’s not much space because of Blackie, her two babies, and then Speckle’s sister still residing in the area; however, there’s nothing like the fresh smell of hay. The unloading of hay definitely makes for a noise-filled serenade from the barns, too.

Ghost T has thus far behaved himself. He’s out in the general population with the little chicks that he spent time with in the loft. I don’t say that out loud or mention it anywhere else. So far he has left Cochin alone. Cochin and Ghost T have been crowing back and forth as usual checking on each other, but no violence. I don’t suppose that 24 hours is a good measure of whether or not this is going to work that Ghost T has bonded with the new chickens and will leave some of the old ones for Cochin. I got up very early this morning, thank you Max, to check on the whereabouts of both roosters and found that they were behaving. Instead of going back to sleep I went ahead with my morning routine and a cup of tea while waiting and watching the both of them. Then I started chores and still wasn’t back inside for breakfast until after nine a.m.

The morning sun tried breaking through the clouds to no avail. Although it was warm the sun played an in and out game of pushing through the gray skies. Now the wind is up and blowing pretty hard while there are supposed to be thunderstorms soon. As a result the skies are filling with darker clouds than even those of the morning.

And so it goes…

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A gray day…


The trees down the north side on the stone wall.

All right I got it, really I am paying attention now it’s fall and winter is around the corner. The forecasters are calling for some mixed precipitation a week from today. And I realize that some parts of the country have had the real stuff fall on the ground. It’s okay to say snow because it is on its way whether or not I like the whole idea or not. The strange thing is that when it finally arrives I’ll be thrilled to see it. I’ll be outside putting my old body down on the ground to make a snow angel. In addition, the snow will be beautiful to see. It will cover up the mushy ground. All of the vegetation will be covered with a coat of white, clean freshness.

Moreover, the things that didn’t get accomplished by the time the snow flies will have to wait until spring. I can still hope to get a few more things done when we have a nice sun filled day, but a couple of things will be put on the white board for spring. I suppose that it is all right to have some things to look forward to for spring. However, for the most part things are in pretty good shape. In addition, it is probably a good idea to have a deadline in which to move towards otherwise it can become one of those things that keeps getting put on another list.

I did mow the grass one last time. I hope it is the last time because tomorrow I am going to work on getting the lawn mower ready for winter, too. Anthony and Michael are going to come tomorrow to clean. Then hay is being delivered. I have to go to pick up a bit of grain, too. I’m still not sure what to do with Ghost T as the babies (misnomer) are ready to go out into the general population. Then the alpacas are due for herd health, Maggie some dewormer, too. It is definitely going to be a busy day.

The babies have decided that they can sit on the window sill and check out what is ‘outside’. I suppose that they are pretty sick of living in the loft. There’s not much going on in the loft except being chased by Ghost T from time to time. They are four months old and big enough to go outside with the others. I hate to do it because the other hens will pick on them, but they will have to stand up to the old ones and find their place in the pecking order. It is just the way that it is.

Speckle’s sister was walking pretty well this morning so she got to leave the loft and went back outside. She didn’t seem too excited about being out there as she spent most of the day sitting by the ewe’s water bucket. But I think she’ll get it together soon enough. At least she isn’t hopping around on one leg because the other hens pick on each other when they see one not up to snuff. Her feathers were coming back in, too. I noticed that some of the hens and Cochin are getting into the molting cycle.

It was raining hard tonight when I did chores and the geese were all outside standing in it. They were so happy out in the rain. I had to rattle the scoop to get any of them to pay attention to dinner time. A couple did come into their house, but couldn’t wait to get back outside again.

The best part of the changing seasons is since I eliminated some ridiculous activities I have cleared my schedule to realign things. This new schedule will allow me to review the things that I have wanted to accomplish with the farm, writing and other projects. And it is time to regroup as the upcoming winter will cause a hibernation to take effect, too. Sometimes when there are too many things on the lists it can be disappointing. Consequently, it is time to pack up and make changes as the seasons warrant.

The alpacas love to nibble on the leaves, they think they are like potato chips!
And so it goes…

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More about lists…

Evening, as the sun hits the tops of the leaves that are turning.

The rains are coming and going pretty frequently now as autumn is firmly upon us. I see the 10 day forecast doesn’t mention anything relatively near the 80 degree mark. I think those days are over until next year. However, the 70 degree days are numbered, too. There are only a couple of warm days mentioned and then the weather slides into the 60’s and high 50’s during daylight hours. In addition, the nights are definitely sinking, too. Consequently the to do list doesn’t seem to be shrinking, but getting longer. Some of the things that remain to be done will fall into place, no pun intended, while others are going to take a concerted effort.

Then there are the things that I will probably not get done at all. However, a new list will have to be written to incorporate those items at a later date. I suppose it is that way with other people, too. I do try harder to get the things done that particularly influence the animals or other people though. On the other hand, I have observed people that do not seem to have any method to their madness to accomplish things. For instance, the consummate procrastinator comes to mind.

I have heard the phrase about putting things off until tomorrow, but it would seem that tomorrow does come eventually, then what? For instance, I’ve noticed lately a person’s residence at which the garbage has piled up to a level above my height. Now I’m not extremely short, nor am I tall, but I would venture that anything over 3 feet of garbage cannot be healthy. Moreover since the weather is turning the critters that normally live outside will be contemplating a winter residence that contains enough to eat inside an abode. Consequently, I wonder if tomorrow will come soon enough to remove the pile of trash before it invites unfavorable critters?

In addition, since I had to move my mailbox five times to please the post office I have observed that there are several mailboxes from here to town that need attention. In fact these mailboxes have been swaying, leaning, and falling for most of the spring and summer. I have to wonder if the inhabitants of the residences have a to do list of any kind, or perhaps if they have noticed that their mail does not get delivered. There are a couple of mailboxes that lie on the ground for days at a time. I suppose since the boxes are on the ground it is difficult for the mail carrier to put a notice of repair in the box. But, in the past the post office and carrier in tandem always have found a way to leave me a note. It may be that living in the country it isn’t of particular note to always receive the mail or meet other standards.

Of course living in the country it isn’t as important to make sure the lawn is mowed. There aren’t any lawn inspectors measuring the depth or height of the grass. Still it does look better if the lawn can be discerned from the woods that encompass the residence. I have to admit that I do not cut the grass as frequently as some of the neighbors up and down the road as I am not into manicuring it; however, when there is no demarcation line between the woods and what should be lawn it is a tad bit noticeable. One such ‘lawn’ now has small trees growing in it so I’ve been wondering if this is a deliberate action to add a tree farm to the property.

On the whole none of the observations I have made really matter because I know what I have to accomplish, and will keep writing lists to cross off before winter arrives. However, it is worth observing how other people either accomplish or delete from their lives the things that should be done in order to meet the seasonal changes. And while I am snug inside I’ll imagine some people trudging to the post office in town to receive their mail through the cold and deep snow. In addition, those that have not cleaned out their garbage will be inundated with unwanted guests.Then in the spring the lawns that were not kept will be difficult to clear. All of this is an impetus to keep my list updated and worth accomplishment.

And so it goes…
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