More about lists…

Evening, as the sun hits the tops of the leaves that are turning.

The rains are coming and going pretty frequently now as autumn is firmly upon us. I see the 10 day forecast doesn’t mention anything relatively near the 80 degree mark. I think those days are over until next year. However, the 70 degree days are numbered, too. There are only a couple of warm days mentioned and then the weather slides into the 60’s and high 50’s during daylight hours. In addition, the nights are definitely sinking, too. Consequently the to do list doesn’t seem to be shrinking, but getting longer. Some of the things that remain to be done will fall into place, no pun intended, while others are going to take a concerted effort.

Then there are the things that I will probably not get done at all. However, a new list will have to be written to incorporate those items at a later date. I suppose it is that way with other people, too. I do try harder to get the things done that particularly influence the animals or other people though. On the other hand, I have observed people that do not seem to have any method to their madness to accomplish things. For instance, the consummate procrastinator comes to mind.

I have heard the phrase about putting things off until tomorrow, but it would seem that tomorrow does come eventually, then what? For instance, I’ve noticed lately a person’s residence at which the garbage has piled up to a level above my height. Now I’m not extremely short, nor am I tall, but I would venture that anything over 3 feet of garbage cannot be healthy. Moreover since the weather is turning the critters that normally live outside will be contemplating a winter residence that contains enough to eat inside an abode. Consequently, I wonder if tomorrow will come soon enough to remove the pile of trash before it invites unfavorable critters?

In addition, since I had to move my mailbox five times to please the post office I have observed that there are several mailboxes from here to town that need attention. In fact these mailboxes have been swaying, leaning, and falling for most of the spring and summer. I have to wonder if the inhabitants of the residences have a to do list of any kind, or perhaps if they have noticed that their mail does not get delivered. There are a couple of mailboxes that lie on the ground for days at a time. I suppose since the boxes are on the ground it is difficult for the mail carrier to put a notice of repair in the box. But, in the past the post office and carrier in tandem always have found a way to leave me a note. It may be that living in the country it isn’t of particular note to always receive the mail or meet other standards.

Of course living in the country it isn’t as important to make sure the lawn is mowed. There aren’t any lawn inspectors measuring the depth or height of the grass. Still it does look better if the lawn can be discerned from the woods that encompass the residence. I have to admit that I do not cut the grass as frequently as some of the neighbors up and down the road as I am not into manicuring it; however, when there is no demarcation line between the woods and what should be lawn it is a tad bit noticeable. One such ‘lawn’ now has small trees growing in it so I’ve been wondering if this is a deliberate action to add a tree farm to the property.

On the whole none of the observations I have made really matter because I know what I have to accomplish, and will keep writing lists to cross off before winter arrives. However, it is worth observing how other people either accomplish or delete from their lives the things that should be done in order to meet the seasonal changes. And while I am snug inside I’ll imagine some people trudging to the post office in town to receive their mail through the cold and deep snow. In addition, those that have not cleaned out their garbage will be inundated with unwanted guests.Then in the spring the lawns that were not kept will be difficult to clear. All of this is an impetus to keep my list updated and worth accomplishment.

And so it goes…
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