A gray day…


The trees down the north side on the stone wall.

All right I got it, really I am paying attention now it’s fall and winter is around the corner. The forecasters are calling for some mixed precipitation a week from today. And I realize that some parts of the country have had the real stuff fall on the ground. It’s okay to say snow because it is on its way whether or not I like the whole idea or not. The strange thing is that when it finally arrives I’ll be thrilled to see it. I’ll be outside putting my old body down on the ground to make a snow angel. In addition, the snow will be beautiful to see. It will cover up the mushy ground. All of the vegetation will be covered with a coat of white, clean freshness.

Moreover, the things that didn’t get accomplished by the time the snow flies will have to wait until spring. I can still hope to get a few more things done when we have a nice sun filled day, but a couple of things will be put on the white board for spring. I suppose that it is all right to have some things to look forward to for spring. However, for the most part things are in pretty good shape. In addition, it is probably a good idea to have a deadline in which to move towards otherwise it can become one of those things that keeps getting put on another list.

I did mow the grass one last time. I hope it is the last time because tomorrow I am going to work on getting the lawn mower ready for winter, too. Anthony and Michael are going to come tomorrow to clean. Then hay is being delivered. I have to go to pick up a bit of grain, too. I’m still not sure what to do with Ghost T as the babies (misnomer) are ready to go out into the general population. Then the alpacas are due for herd health, Maggie some dewormer, too. It is definitely going to be a busy day.

The babies have decided that they can sit on the window sill and check out what is ‘outside’. I suppose that they are pretty sick of living in the loft. There’s not much going on in the loft except being chased by Ghost T from time to time. They are four months old and big enough to go outside with the others. I hate to do it because the other hens will pick on them, but they will have to stand up to the old ones and find their place in the pecking order. It is just the way that it is.

Speckle’s sister was walking pretty well this morning so she got to leave the loft and went back outside. She didn’t seem too excited about being out there as she spent most of the day sitting by the ewe’s water bucket. But I think she’ll get it together soon enough. At least she isn’t hopping around on one leg because the other hens pick on each other when they see one not up to snuff. Her feathers were coming back in, too. I noticed that some of the hens and Cochin are getting into the molting cycle.

It was raining hard tonight when I did chores and the geese were all outside standing in it. They were so happy out in the rain. I had to rattle the scoop to get any of them to pay attention to dinner time. A couple did come into their house, but couldn’t wait to get back outside again.

The best part of the changing seasons is since I eliminated some ridiculous activities I have cleared my schedule to realign things. This new schedule will allow me to review the things that I have wanted to accomplish with the farm, writing and other projects. And it is time to regroup as the upcoming winter will cause a hibernation to take effect, too. Sometimes when there are too many things on the lists it can be disappointing. Consequently, it is time to pack up and make changes as the seasons warrant.

The alpacas love to nibble on the leaves, they think they are like potato chips!
And so it goes…

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